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The right vector for the right application

Logo vectalys Pacale BOUILLE

création en Juillet 2005
SAS au capital de 82 217 K€

A été hébergé à : Canal Biotech 2

Vectalys is a service biotech company expert in gene delivery, providing full services from expression system design to animal model creation through high quality lentiviral vectors production. Vectalys was founded in 2005 and has now 20 full-time employees exclusively dedicated on designing cellular models, molecular biology and viral vector production and purification.

Vectalys platform is based on retroviral (RV), lentiviral (LV) vectors that efficiently introduce human gene sequences into a wide variety of human cells to knock-in or knock-down specific proteins.

Gene transfer opens the way to develop cell and animal models by transferring target genes into functional cells and tissues. Because primary cells are non permissive towards classical gene transfer technologies, viral based vectors derived from lentiviruses are the only efficient technology to achieve high expression of genes or silencing sequences in cells or tissues.

Vectalys is a gene delivery platform providing viral recombinant vectors for:
• gene silencing
• gene over-expression
• cell-based assay development
• protein expression and production
• Preclinical trials for gene therapy
• creation of animal models