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DecaWave is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company which has developed a complete, single chip CMOS ultra wideband IC based on the IEEE802.15.4a standard, and building a family of parts to work at rates 110kbps, 850kbps, 6.8Mbps and 27Mbps.

Logo Decawave Luc DARMON

tél : 05 61 72 16 87

création en mai 2010
SAS au capital de 10 000 €

A été hébergé à : Basso Cambo

DecaWave has identified the rich potential of ultra wideband (UWB) technology, with particular focus on real time location systems (RTLS), and ultra-low power wireless transceivers, and has been instrumental in developing the alternate PHY IEEE802.15.4a standard, for which it holds key intellectual property and numerous essential and non-essential patents.

DecaWave is currently working with a number of partner firms to develop and bring to market suitable applications for the RTLS and ultra-low power wireless transceiver marketplaces using its UWB technology, principally in the areas of manufacturing, healthcare, lighting, security, transport, inventory & supply chain management. Because it believes the opportunities inherent in IEEE802.15.4a to be so numerous, DecaWave is willing to share – under contract – critical core intellectual property
with prospective suitably qualified and resourced partner firms wishing to develop further markets for this technology.